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If you are thinking about enhancing the appearance of your home, reducing energy costs and usage, or just relieving yourself of the burden of home maintenance. Then installing vinyl siding is the solution. It will give your home a fresh new look and may cost much less than you think. Nothing will impact the appearance of your home more dramatically than the type of exterior siding you choose. At Roofing Associates we only use the highest quality vinyl siding such as CertainTeed, Napco, and Crane that will add beauty and value to your home.


There are three main reasons to apply vinyl siding to your house:


Add Beauty

Vinyl siding is available in almost any color. You can mix and match siding to create the exact look you prefere. Siding can add character and beauty to your home or building at the fraction of what a major reconstruction job would.


Create Durability

Vinyl siding is impervious to rain, heat, cold salt and snow. Siding won't rot, peel, dent, or show scratches, nor will it ever need painting. 


Provide Value

Vinyl siding is a great investment. Generally,re-siding will provide 100% payback when it comes time to sell your home or building.


If you would like to visualize how your home will look with new siding click on this link to try out CertainTeed's ColorView

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